We will deliver fresh and safe vegetables to your table through various business developments.



About us


Tsukijisangyo was established in 1972 and has been dealing fresh vegetables and fruits as experts.


We started forwarding business in Tsukiji(Tokyo) market which can collect variety of products. We deliver the products to suburb markets. Since then, we have been doing not only forwarding business but also operating intermediate wholesalers, vegitable peeling and cutting plants, packing sheds, and international trading business.


Having such a multiple servise is very few here in Japan.


Consequently, we have various customers like small restaurrants to large food company.


Inaddition, we have various suppliers such as agricultual coopereatives, private farmers, public markets, foreign traders, and so on.

As a distributor

Hight quality produsts tend to gather in Tokyo where is the biggest consumption area. We can supply such high-quality products from our branch. Moreover, we have many direct source for purchasing. Such as Public markers, Cooperatives, private growers, and so on. We are supplying the best products for each customer.

As intermediate wholesalers


We have 3 shops. 2 are in Tokyo market and another is in Ibareki Prefecture.
Each shops has different type of customers. Toyosu(Tokyo) is mainly for food service companies. We are selling factory's produsts, our original products, and so on. Kitaadachi(Tokyo) is mostly for retailers. Tere are many small/mid supermarkets around there. Koga(Ibaraki) is selling for matkets in Japan. Ibaraki is major growing area for cabbages and chinese cabbages. Koga is selling to form north to west.

As an importer


We have been importing for more than 20 yers. Major product is onions. We peel them in our factory. Also, we are selling to other food facrories, We buy from China, US, New Zealand, Austrelia and so on, We also buy other products when it works.

As a exporter

輸出商品 玉葱,長芋,いちご

We have started exporting since 2019. So, this is quite new for us. We exported onions about 18,000MT to Tsiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. We are now selling Nagaimo(Yam) regularly. We are expecting to extned this business to tell Japanese quality of fresh products to other countries. Buy using our unique operation and slkill, we believe we can supply the best products customer wants.

As a processor


We have 2 factories and a CA cold storage in Ibaraki.
We are processing vegetables and supplying to food countries. Our products are used for frozen dumpling, steamed bun, hamburger, curry and so on. Major products are onions and cabbages.

As a packer


We have a packing shed in Miyazaki(Kyusyu) where is west side of Japnan. We pack green pwppers, cucumbers, and so on. Miyazaki is warm in winter and the one of the biggest supply area in winter. We are delivering from Miyazaki to all atound in Japan.

Contact us

6-33-1 Minaminagareyama, Nagareyama City, Chiba, 270-0163 Japan

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